The secret of success

Meet Kate & Jessica, the faces behind Jenika & Co! We are the heart and soul of the Jenika brand, dedicated to fueling the success of your business in partnership with our extensive network of seasoned professionals. Our drive at Jenika is ignited by the thrill of empowering budding businesses to truly excel and realize their full potential. Working in harmony with a diverse team of experts, we specialize in revitalizing structures, designing user-friendly interfaces, and creating visually captivating concepts and designs that entice customers time and time again. Let us be your guiding force in exploring new pathways to spotlight your strengths

Our network

With backgrounds as diverse as the colors in a rainbow, our team includes marketing maestros, design virtuosos, tech wizards, and strategy gurus. They’re the secret sauce behind our success, collaborating seamlessly to breathe life into your vision. Together, we’re on a mission to make your business shine brighter than ever before.

The heart

At the heart of Jenika & Co. beats a passion for your success. Kate and Jessica, the dynamic duo behind our brand, are dedicated to nurturing businesses like yours.

Our Creative Playgrounds

Structural redesigning

Sometimes, finding the hidden secrets in how your company works is like having a super detective on the case. Because, you see, even the most eagle-eyed insiders might miss a few tricks! That’s where our team comes in, like a group of savvy problem-solvers joining a treasure hunt. We’ll help you pinpoint your goals and unleash your company’s inner genius!


Sometimes, all you need is a juicy cherry on top of your cake, but other times, you might be craving a whole new cake-baking adventure! We’re here to whisk up a fresh branding masterpiece just for you or add some extra sprinkles to make your current visuals sparkle.

Websites and E-stores

Imagine us as the sorcerers orchestrating a fresh, captivating stage for your products or services. Our enchanted toolkit offers two avenues: a chic website makeover aligned with your brand’s charisma or an entirely new, captivating design. The pièce de résistance? Our user-friendly webshops act as profit-making engines, primed to elevate your revenue to center stage!

Social media

Let us be your social media maestros! With our bag of tricks and savvy strategies, we’ll make your business shine like a shooting star on all those social media stages. Whether you want a little sprinkle of our magic from time to time or the whole enchanted social media extravaganza, we’re here to make your online dreams come true!

We have built all this and more
with our happy crew of customers

We’re all about making future businesses pop and sizzle! With designs that are as easy on the eyes as they are on your customers, we’ve got the magic touch. But don’t just take our word for it, meet the champions who’ve felt the Jenika vibe: They’ll tell you, our work isn’t just fun and games; it’s all about bringing your strengths into the spotlight with style!

Branding, visuals, concepts and user friendly web store

Visual identity, Web Design, Logo, E-store

Visual identity, Web Design, Logo


Visual identity, Web Design

Package design

Workshops and idea creation

Photoshoots, short videos and reels

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